You found our SFX Packs page!  A huge part of our sound design is recording original material and incorporating it into our games. 

We recognize that we are a part of a large game audio community, and as part of our participation in that community we decided to share some of our sounds!   Our packs are free to use for any of your projects!  

If you find something you like or think of something we should record? Let us know on twitter! @WindupAudio  


Our inaugural Foley SFX pack!

Join the boys for an evening of delicious and nutritious vegetables (and a few fruits) as we smash, squeeze, and squelch our way through almost 6 pounds of produce!

wave files: 93

16 bit, 44.1 kHz

total size: 15.8 MB

Contains: Tomato, Melon, Lettuce, Cucumber, Celery, Cabbage, Bell pepper, Apple



Soundtober is here!!! Inspired by the #inktober art challenge, we are challenging ourselves to create sounds daily during the month of October! The sounds are free to use and are published on our bandcamp page. Follow us to stay up to date @WindupAudio on Twitter for a daily update!